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Frühstück im TeenorissimoMembers of the Bundestheater group can now order our tea via e-mail by using our online order form. To open the form and for reading the terms and conditions, simply click the red button. The form is currently only available in German. Ice tea party Do you want to experience an interactive tea session with your friends or colleagues? If so, we recommend our ice tea mix party at our tea room. We provide the ingredients – cooled teas, juices, syrup and ice cream – and you will mix the ice tea cocktails you like. The sky is the limit! Only recently, Yelp Vienna’s elite crowd visited us to mix some ice teas. Read more about it: Yelp blog post Reviews Photos Breakfast If you not only want to start your day with a relaxing cup of tea, but you also want to fill your stomach with great food, decide for our breakfast. Depending on your mood and liking you can either choose the sweet or savoury breakfast. Besides our wide range of teas you can also have coffee. Tea, coffee and cake No matter at what time you drop in our shop, our tea room offers a cosy spot to rest. Choose tea or coffee, have a piece of cake with it, and spend your time reading one of the available newspapers or magazines. Tea party at your house You want to organise a party that is different to all the others? Why not having a tea party at your place? We offer you advice, help you with the tea selection and come to your place so you can surprise your guests with a perfectly prepared, delicious tea. Enjoy the highlights of our tea assortment in a familiar atmosphere and arrange an unforgettable evening for you and your guests. Tea tastings From Adele to Titania – find your favourite tea by participating in one of our tea tastings! For everyone who can’t decide or who simply wants to try something new. Jovial afternoon for kids In our tea room, we regularely organise story hours for kids. The children are listening to the fairy tales while their parents enjoy a nice cup of tea – or they get enchanted as well. Theme months During our theme months you have the possibility to try teas from different regions of the world. For example, you can travel with us to Morocco and drink Moroccan tea with typical additions like vermouth, vervain or marjoram. You can try some snacks typical for the regions, which we offer exclusively during the theme month. All dates for specific activities or events you can find under News resp News/Events on this website. Alternatively you can ask during one of your visits to our tea room or you give us a call or send us an e-mail: Teenorissimo Wittegasse 2 – corner St. Veit Gasse 1130 Vienna Ph: +43 676 646 3611 (Harald Wink) Ph: +43 676 646 3703 (Sandy Pinderak) teenorissimo@gmx.net