We would love to organise private events for you and your friends.

For example: Ice tea party Do you want to experience an interactive tea session with your friends or colleagues? If so, we recommend our ice tea mix party at our tea room. We provide the ingredients – cooled teas, juices, syrup and ice cream – and you will mix the ice tea cocktails you like. The sky is the limit! Only recently, Yelp Vienna’s elite crowd visited us to mix some ice teas. Read more about it: Yelp blog post Reviews Photos Crocheting Workshop No matter if you would like to crochet funny animals for your kids, light summer caps or beautiful decoration items – we provide a cosy environment for you and your friends. As of 8 participants we organise a crocheting workshop at our tearoom – and you can choose the motive resp the material! In cooperation with: crocheteria_logo5s Whisky, Tea and Chocolate – Tasting Expect some exciting combinations of aromas during this tasting. Enjoy a delicious cup of tea with your whisky, or try for example a whisky cocktail made with green tea. As of 8 participants. In cooperation with: maltfriends_logo_s